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The Chubby Little Snowman Big Book





Here are our cute paper bag penguins.

On the front is an illustrated fact book about penguins.

This little book has five pages of penguin facts.

Here we are making our snowman mural!

(Next comes 2,2, snowmen for you! )



Hot Cocoa in my cup. Yum, yum drink it up!

Take a look at our snowmen glyphs!

After we read Mama Do You Love Me?

We make our little Eskimo children

Children in raincoats. We laminated the yellow

paper then drew a raincoat and cut out.

Scotch tape the raincoat to raindrop.

Then kids draw a body to go with it!

Rainbow watercolor raindrops on the

back of the child in a rain slicker.

These are our toilet paper roll penguins.

They have a story inside!

Our rain children!

Ideas can be found in my book Weather Wonders!

Yummy Oreo penguins!




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